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Crystal Factory Val Saint Lambert

The Val Saint Lambert crystal from Liège is famous all over the world. Just next to the factory there is na little shop where art and utensils are available for sale. Guided visit are possible and you can stop by for a meal in the restaurant.  

Crystal Factory Val Saint Lambert

Vases, tableware, jewellery and many other crystal objects are produced at the crystal factory Val Saint Lambert in Seraing, just next to the Belgian city of Liège. The end products leaving the factory Val Saint Lambert enjoy an excellent reputation and are famous all over the world.

During your visit to the factory you get to see glassblowers live in action. The glassblower sculpts an object (a glass, a plate or an art object) from start to finish while the visitors admire his skills.

The noise inside the building sometimes makes it difficult to understand the guide, but you get the chance to ask questions afterwards. Temperature is pretty high but not unbearable.

A cutter and an etcher add the final touch to the material to give it its extraordinary cachet.

Prices at the Val Saint Lambert factory are, of course, pretty steep. There are, however, ways to economically lay your hands on one of these products. The easiest way is to buy a crystal creation with a small production error. Most of the time these little errors are not visible for the naked eye but prices go down by 25 per cent. The article gets a stamp saying ‘Val Saint Lambert S’: the S indicates the lower quality of the end product.

Negative point

The price for a guided visit, too, is pretty steep. Especially since visitors have already paid the full entrance fee. The price for the guide comes on top of that.

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