Laser Game (East Belgium Action & Fun Karting Center)

East Belgium Action & Fun Center offers the biggest lasergame terrain in the country. Accept the challenge with friends, family or colleagues and find out who can work out the smartest strategy and take out their opponent. Bowling and karting are also possible.  

East Belgium Action & Fun Center - Lasergame

Imagine yourself on a mission behind enemy lines. Your objective as a soldier is to eliminate the enemy. In camouflage suit, with a laser gun and a heavily beating heart, you start the mission in search for your opponent.

Two teams battle against each other in this 1,000 square metre area, designed as a futuristic city and divided into two floors. Only one of them can end up as the winning team in this epic laser game (laser tag) battle.

This American technology only just arrived in Europe. The East Belgium Action & Fun Center is one of the two places you can play laser game - also called laser tag - in the Belgian Ardennes.

East Belgium Action & Fun Center has even more activities to offer, like karting, sumo wrestling, bowling, rodeo, video games and clay pigeon shooting.

Duration +/- 20 minutes (including a 5 minute briefing)

The Burg-Reuland area has a lot more to offer. Book a holiday home with Ardennes-Etape to explore the Belgian Ardennes to the fullest and to relax after a sensational day of laser game at East Belgium Action & Fun Center.

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