Ferme pour Enfants

Petting Zoo La Marotte shelters a wide variety of animals. The sheep, rabbits and horses are all very fond of the children. There is also a playground and a beach next to the river Semois.


La Marotte Petting Zoo

This is a true children’s paradise in the lovely Belgian Ardennes. The La Marotte Petting Zoo in Frahan is home to more than 150 different animals: horses, chickens, ponies, goats, sheep, rabbits, pigs and donkeys live together in a semi-free environment.

Children can admire and pet the animals in the small estate on the river bank of the Semois, just a few minutes from Bouillon in the province of Luxembourg. The farm is also the departure point for kayaking trips down the river.

Those in the mood for a walk can explore the beautiful scenery on both sides of the river. After the effort comes the reward. You can enjoy some ice cream or pancakes, on the terrace with a view on the river or inside by the open fire.

The Bouillon area, with its impressive castle, has a whole lot more to offer. Book a holiday home with Ardennes-Etape to explore Bouillon and its surroundings and visit the La Marotte Petting Zoo. Your children will be very grateful.

Copyright pictures: La Feme pour enfant à Frahan