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At any time of the day or night, your future tenants can consult our online catalogue of over 1300 properties in the Ardennes, and book and pay for their next stay.
All the different steps are carried out exclusively on the net.

So if you want to join the 900 owners who use our services to promote their holiday homes, contact us!

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  • Our experience at your service

    Ardennes-étape is a company which rents out holiday homes. It was created in 2001 by André Offermans and Patricia Acunzo, who had already acquired several years of in-depth knowledge of the property market in the Ardennes as well as extensive expertise in IT tools and E-commerce.

    The basis: Internet

    Speed, flexibility and effectiveness are the requirements for a growing market. In order to meet the requirements of this market, Ardennes-étape – as an E-business – has equipped itself with cutting edge technology and offers its services via the Internet.
    In-depth search possibilities, clear and detailed descriptions, numerous photos, a star classification system and 24h availability enable us to present and promote your property effectively.

    Since 2001, Ardennes-étape has continued to consolidate its increasingly important position on the market for renting holiday homes in the Ardennes. Today, the small challenger has become the leader, and not by chance.

  • Our product

    No exclusive rights – High returns – Payment in advance - Flexibility

    No exclusive rights

    The owner remains the owner.
    Ardennes-étape does not request exclusive rights: you are free to promote your property or stay in it as you please, without any limitations.
    In order to do this, we offer you protected access to part of our website, where you can access the joint schedule shared with Ardennes-étape. This allows you to record your own bookings, block certain dates, consult information on Ardennes-étape bookings… In short, we provide you with a complete management tool.

    High return, long-term cooperation

    In order to establish a long-term relationship with its owners, Ardennes-étape will help you to determine a joint rental price. This price will be determined at the minimum price to meet demand and to ensure optimum return.

    Payment in advance

    For any booking made by Ardennes-étape, you will receive payment 10 days before the beginning of the stay. This ensures that the tenant has paid the full cost of the rental when he/she arrives.


    As prices are not linked to the publishing of a paper catalogue, the fixing of rental prices is very flexible, and it changes according to different criteria such as return, the presence of special events…

  • Accessibility

    The website: 24 hours a day – 7 days a week

    The Ardennes-étape website offers you an unequalled platform to promote your holiday homes. A clear, detailed and attractive description and numerous photos enable your future tenants to have an objective idea of the quality of your properties.
    For the tenant, the Ardennes-étape website is the most efficient tool for finding, booking and paying for a holiday home. It is simple and powerful and reflects reality objectively. It also provides future tenants with information on your region, which will enable them to prepare their stay.

    Your personal space offers you the chance to update the joint schedule at a time that suits you. At any time, you can add the rental periods where you have rented out the property to third parties or which you would like to reserve for your own occupancy.
    Have you made changes to the fittings in your property? Have you taken new photos of your holiday home? The flexibility of the Internet network enables quick and regular updates of the www.Ardennes-Etape.com website and which follow the progress of your house in real time.

    The call centre: 7 days a week

    The call centre complements the website. This service provides tenants with extra information and can help them with the organisation of extra activities such as sports or cultural visits.

  • Collaboration and proximity

    ARDENNES-ÉTAPE is a Belgian company located in Stavelot. Our aim is to provide you with a personalised service, in particular via our multilingual call centre, which you can call on for different missions: management and follow-up of your contract, management of any complaints, professional advice on fittings, advice on market demands, advice on obtaining any applicable incentives or on the measures to take (if applicable) in order to optimise the return on your holiday home.

    In order to answer your questions in the shortest possible deadline, Ardennes-étape has reserved a specific telephone line for owners.

    A personalised reception: at Ardennes-étape, a contact person who is familiar with your file is assigned to you.

    It is the fruit of this long-term cooperation between the owner and Ardennes-étape which will enable the owner to obtain an optimum return.

  • Marketing

    In-depth knowledge of consumers, of their purchasing behaviour and of the region enable Ardennes-étape to carry out targeted marketing, calling on traditional media of course, but in particular on E-marketing: search engines, partnerships, affiliated sites, but also E-mail marketing.

    Ardennes-étape has also aimed at developing close links with other actors in the tourism sector in the Ardennes. This is why Ardennes-étape offers a discount guide that gives customers numerous advantages for amusement parks, museums, sporting activities… Which is a real benefit for the consumer.

  • Why Ardennes-étape?
    • An exceptional platform for promotion which has proved itself since 2001.
    • In-depth knowledge and experience of the Ardennes.
    • Cooperation without exclusive rights.
    • Rent paid in advance.
    • High return.
    • Reliable: today, over 900 owners rely on our services.
    • PFlexible pricing policy.
    • Official recognition by the IPI.
    • A call centre which complements the website.
    • A young, dynamic and efficient team.