Our mission

What is our objective?
We took the time to establish our general mission.

Ardennes-étape develops its expertise in holiday home rental to enable
everyone to discover the very best the Belgian Ardennes have to offer.

Our vision

What is it that we are working for? What is our ambition?

To be an innovative and leading key player in sustainable economic
development in the field of high-quality tourism in our region.

Our values

On a day-to-day basis we aim to respect a certain way of life, a philosophy.
These are our values:

1. Ardennes-étape handles its day-to-day activities with respect, trust, solidarity and open-mindedness

2. Ardennes-étape encourages talent development, a sense of responsibility and initiative in a pleasant and welcoming environment.

3. Ardennes-étape pursues excellence through innovation, competence and multidisciplinarity.