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Barrage de Butgenbach, 4750 Butgenbach, Belgique

When you think of the High Fens, do you only think of pine forests and heath landscapes? Then know that this highest point of the Belgian Ardennes, also known as the East Cantons, has much more to offer... Such as pure water fun! 

Lake Bütgenbach is undoubtedly one of the most interesting attractions in the Eastern Ardennes for anyone who loves water fun. Here you can kayak, paddleboard, sail, and even swim to your heart's content (if you observe the basic safety precautions). And then enjoy the sun on the beach... 

But there's also plenty to do on dry land. You can take a beautiful walk around the lake. The 'Lac Miroir' or 'Mirror Lake' owes its name to the natural beauty that is so beautifully reflected on the water surface throughout the entire walk. You can also indulge yourself on blissful routes on a mountain bike. And if you want to let the adrenaline flow even faster through your veins, a real adventure course awaits you. 

The lake is fed by the Warche River and regulates the water level in the wider area. The dam is therefore a stunning piece of engineering and well worth a visit! It's an excellent idea to end a day full of physical activities with a lot of surprising and highly interesting facts...

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To do

Stand-up paddleboarding, pedalos, kayaks... at Lac de Bütgenbach!

Ready for a breathtaking lakeside adventure in Worriken?

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The shores of the lake are full of nice corners to peacefully settle down with friends. Take a towel, your swimsuit, and spend a beautiful afternoon of relaxation.

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