The Ardennes through the seasons

The Ardennes is one of the few destinations that can be visited all year long. In spring, summer, autumn or winter, there is always something to do in the Ardennes. Which season will you choose?

Spring, a fragrant season

In the spring, the Ardennes seem to be reborn. Daffodils, wood anemones, and lilies of the valley bloom everywhere and offer a superb show. Immerse yourself in all these floral fragrances while you go on the Ninglinspo walk in the region of Aywaille. This mythical trail will take you to discover the only mountain river in Belgium. Do you already feel the fresh air on this spring day? Small pleasures to share with your friends and your four-legged companion during the Easter holidays, for example.

Summer in the great outdoors!

With your walking shoes, a water bottle and your sunglasses; you are ready (or almost) for a walk in the green regions of the Ardennes. Take a pedestrian path and relax. This is the ideal time for a picnic with local products in the countryside! But walking is certainly not the only activity to do. You will have no trouble finding a place that offers kayaking, climbing, parachuting, adventure tracks, etc. In the Ardennes, you are spoiled for choice!

Would you like to rest and relax? There are several resorts scattered throughout the territory (for example the resort of the Ourthe, the Lakes of Eau d’Heure, Lake Bütgenbach, etc.). The lakes and ponds are well-equipped and allow you to bathe safely. Do not forget your swimsuit and sun protection for a refreshing dip.

Do you prefer to go hunting and walking in a flea market on a Sunday morning? Flea markets and garage sales are extremely trendy and numerous during this season. Perhaps you will come across that rare find?

Enjoy local and artisanal markets.

You will not have a hard time finding the perfect ingredients to prepare an appetizer to enjoy on the terrace of your holiday home. Cheeses, sausages, and beers will inevitably find their way to your table.

Autumn, the enchanting season of the forest

Autumn is a particularly popular season with nature lovers. The Ardennes are adorned with the most beautiful colors to welcome you. Joggers, photographers and even mountain bikers come to enjoy it and wander in a forest with a thousand faces! It’s a must-see season for forest lovers. Meanwhile, connoisseurs will certainly stop to pick mushrooms. A season very rich in flavours! Also, the best dishes are served in autumn such as deer stew, chicory au gratin, and Orval or Matoufé cheese tartiflette. Have you ever tasted these? It is now or never!

Autumn also offers a unique chance to hear the roar of the deer. A fascinating and majestic moment that will leave you speechless. Many guided walks are organized during this period throughout the Ardennes to listen to the king of our forests.

Winter, a festive and bright season

Winter is a festive season. There is always something to celebrate! The season begins with the Christmas markets. You can walk from stall to stall, enjoying some mulled wine, roasted chestnuts, and the ice rinks. Each town puts on its most beautiful garlands for bright and sparkling nights. This is the perfect place to spend the year-end holidays. It is not uncommon to have snow during those days to amaze you even more. You can enjoy the snow by going cross-country skiing, downhill skiing or tobogganing. It is also at this time that you will discover or rediscover local traditions, such as carnival. Bring your best disguises and confetti and take part in the famous carnivals of Stavelot, Malmedy, Sart-Tiège or La Roche-en-Ardenne. Young and old alike will appreciate this colourful moment when the crowd sings and dances.


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