Discover the most beautiful places of the Ardennes region

Read our interview with Martin Dellicour and find out his best travel tips to discover the most beautiful places of the Ardennes region. As a nature photographer and true Ardennais, he will disclose his beloved Enchanted Ardennes. From north to south, from east to west, he crosses the green lung of Belgium several times a week. His tips are undoubtedly pretty valuable! This way, please!

Today, I meet Martin Dellicour, nature photographer who knows the Ardennes like the back of his hand. Father to two children and open-air enthusiast, he will share his best tips for nature lovers, families and photographs.

Good morning, Martin. Thank you very much for your time. Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

“I am first and foremost an Ardennais who is very passionate about his region and nature in general. I work as much in Belgium as abroad but my favourite topic is Nature, with capital “n”. I always try to reflect the rush of feeling that comes over me when I take a picture.”

I am first and foremost an Ardennais who is very passionate about his region and nature in general.

Let’s then go through your top 5. What is, according to you, the very unique place in the Ardennes?

“The Fens plateau.Its peat-bogs that you would usually see in colder regions get me everytime. I especially like to go there when the cold keeps people away from the Fens. The freezing cold, the harsh wind and the minimalist frost-covered landscapes make up my ideal “playing field”. It’s a unique landscape in Europe and as far as I’m concerned, it is second to none in this category.”

Let’s continue with the most beautiful panorama, the most breathtaking view, of the Ardennes.

“I would say without any doubt the Hérou site in Nadrin. It offers a 360°-view over the Ourthe River and its surroundings. I love climbing up hills to take my pictures and the path leading up there is quite remarkable. Moreover, this spot is close the the lake of Nisramont. Those seeking the quietness of nature may enjoy a 14km-walk around the lake. This walk is recommended for those wishing to admire birds and birds of prey. In summer, it is also possible to kayak on the lake: a playful way to cool off.”

If I asked you to talk about one landscape, the one that takes you on a journey…?

I would talk about the Epioux Lake in Herbeumont. It looks like Scandinavia just a few kilometers from home. It is a very original destination on the range of the Gaume region. If you want to go a little bit farther, head to Chiny. You will be able to enjoy a flat-bottom row trip. The ferryman, the person guiding the boat, will guide you around and tell local legends. There’s nothing like it!”

There are also valleys in the Ardennes region. According to you, which one is the most remarkable?

“I love the valley of the Lesse River nearby Redu for two reasons. Firstly, this wooded region offers many a walk possibilities. And the local flora is also very rich. Secondly, it is close to Redu, the “book village”. Redu looks like a timeless village dedicated to books. I love it!”

At the end of our interview, I feel that Martin wants to keep talking. It feels like he has not got everything off his chest…

“Having said that, I did not even mention my home region: the valley of the river Aisne with its tourist tramway and its windmills, some of which are now in service again. Besides, it is just a few kilometers away from Houffalize and La Roche-en-Ardenne. There are many possibilities in the Ardennes and you have never seen it all…”

What about you? What are your very favourites? The places you could visit 10 times, 100 times and still admire them like the first time? Share your favorites with us, we would like to know them!