Peak Beer: brewery and starting point for walks in the Fens

In the heart of the High Fens, in Waimes, there is a new micro-brewery: Peak Beer. Located near the highest point of Belgium, this brewery offers four beers that are fully brewed on site, and is also the starting point for walks. What’s more, with its tasting area, you can enjoy a gourmet break before or after your walk, a great way to combine comfort and relaxation.

I met Thomas Pleyers, he works at the Peak Beer brewery in Waimes (link to peak beer site). Zythologist, he makes sure to make the visit as pleasant as possible for each visitor. But Peak Beer is also a starting point for walks.

Hi Thomas, can you tell me a bit about Peak Beer?

« This is a micro-brewery where everything is homemade, from A to Z. The products on offer, from the beers to the food we serve, are all local. The tasting area has been designed to please most people. Large wooded areas, an open fire that warms up the atmosphere, and a magnificent view of the High Fens. When people visit us, we want them to have an authentic, friendly and traditional experience. «

In addition to tasting the local products, including the beer brewed on site; it is also possible to visit the production area and learn more about the beers

« Indeed,we offer a guided tour of about an hour to explain how Peak Beers are brewed. Then comes the tasting. We currently offer four beers. »

Can you tell me more about them?

« Of course ? . The blonde is refreshing, it is the one that pleases most people and in all seasons. It has notes of citrus and tangerine. Then we have the triple, with a lot more body and roundness with notes of white peach. Meanwhile, the brown is made from a mix of roasted malts with notes of biscuit and coffee. Finally, the blueberry is the most daring. It is unlike any other beer. It is brewed with fruit juice, no added sugar. It is very dry. «

Mmmh, that makes me thirsty. But Peak Beer, we can say that it is more than a brewery, it is also a concept for walks. You aim to make your visitors want to discover the region…

« Absolutely! We have already created three walks of 3, 6 and 8 km starting from here. And we intend to develop some more. They allow visitors to discover the High Fens easily thanks to a free application and a QR code. The 3 km walk is the easiest, it is the one we recommend to people who come with children or when the weather is not ideal, like today. The 6 km walk passes by the highest point of Belgium, the Signal of Botrange, and offers a splendid view on the High Fens. Finally, the 8 km walk takes us to discover the waterfall of Bayehon, a must in the region. »



We have already created three walks of 3, 6 and 8 km starting from here.

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