What to do around the Eau d’Heure Lakes

Looking to spend your free time in an idyllic Belgian location? A renowned feast for the eyes, the Eau d’Heure lakes are home to a wealth of activities for both young and old. Let us take you to Belgium’s largest water complex, complete with the country’s largest dam. Enjoy hours of fun and adventure in the 600 hectares of water, 70 km of embankment, and 600 hectares of forest this feat of nature has to offer.

Stuwdam Plate Taille
Photographer: @Christophe Vandercam

The lakes

The Eau d’Heure lakes have been declared a ‘European Destination of Excellence’ (EDEN) for their sustainable tourism activities in a small tourist destination. And not without reason!

This protected area is made up of five lakes, five dams, and a hydroelectric power station that generates a huge amount of electricity. The lakes are primarily fed by the river Eau d’Heure.

  • Féronval Lake
  • Ry Jaune Lake
  • Eau d’Heure Lake
  • Falemprise Lake
  • La Plate Taille Lake (the country’s largest lake)
Lacs de l'eau d'heure

How to visit Belgium’s largest dam

Want to check out the gigantic Plate Taille Dam? Be sure to book a guided tour via the Red Crocodile website. The tour starts off deep inside the dam’s galleries, with a look at a giant model replica of the lakes. Your guide will tell you everything there is to know about this iconic site, preparing you for when you set out to explore it later on.

Next, it’s time to go outside! For 400 metres, your guide will take you through the dam’s underground gallery, with the only sound that of your footsteps echoing against the walls of this magnificent construction. Then, suddenly, you will emerge at the top of the 107-metre tower, from which you can enjoy outstanding views of the dam and the surrounding Eau d’Heure lakes!

Meren van l'eau d'heure
Photographer: Denis Gauvain | Copyright: denis Gauvain

But the tour is not over yet! Before you go and enjoy your next activity, take the lift down to check out the engine room, where the four powerful pump turbines produce electricity day in, day out. Alternatively, face your fear of heights by walking the fifth storey Skywalk glass walkway! Adrenaline rush guaranteed!

What to do during the off-season?

Looking for fun activities during the Belgian off-season? The Eau d’Heure lakes are your ideal starting point for a wide range of activities.

Photographer: @Christophe Vandercam

Natura Parc

Is the weather finally cooperating? Then bundle up in your warmest outfit and enjoy a full day of fresh air at the Natura Park! We’re talking rope adventure courses, cable cars, bungee jumping, etc. This adventure park is a dream for both young and old.

Natura Parc meren van l'eau d'heure
Photographer: Crunelle Remy | Copyright: Crunelle Remy(c)

Enjoy hours of fun with ten routes ranging from 2 to 25 metres off the ground. There’s a level for everyone, even for kids as young as three! And the best part? The breathtaking views from the gigantic cable cars above the Plate Taille Lake!

Don’t forget to book in advance via the Natura Parc website. Adventure awaits!

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All-out adrenaline at the Spin Cablepark

Looking for both adrenaline and adventure? Discover the Eau d’Heure lakes Spin Cablepark, the place for water skiing, wakeboarding, paddleboarding, kneeboarding, and so much more!

The Spin Cablepark

Looking for fun indoor activities? Then come check out our ‘House under the dam’ and ‘Xtreme room’ escape rooms, a great showcase for the Plate Taille Dam.

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Water fun at the Aquapark

Whether splashing, sliding, swimming, or relaxing, anything is possible at the Aquapark! This amazing indoor and outdoor pool offers a variety of water ways and jet streams, a fully enclosed slide with LED lighting, and a paddling pool packed with kids’ toys all year round.

Aquapark Lacs de l'eau d'heure

In summer, there truly is something for everyone, with its 500 m² water park, sun loungers, and an al fresco bar!

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All-out relaxation at the A l’Heure du Bien-Etre Wellness Centre

What better way to start your evening off after a long walk around the lakes than by achieving complete relaxation? Visit the Wellness Centre and relax in its jacuzzis, three different saunas, hammam, or enjoy some water bed light therapy.

l'Heure du Bien-Etre Centre Wellness

Not enough pampering, you say? Then treat yourself to a full range of Thalgo treatment options. Wellness centre access is only for people aged 18 and older.

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Grab a hole-in-one at the Pro1Golf Entertainment Centre

Want to play on a nine-hole golf course with panoramic views over the Eau d’Heure lakes? Enjoy a round of golf at any time of the year thanks to these golf courses made with synthetic greens. A real first for Belgium!

Pro1Golf entertainment center
Photographer: Picasa
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What to do during the high season?

Looking for a good dose of fun under the warm Eau d’Heure sun? Water enthusiasts, this one’s for you! Choose from all kinds of water sports and natural swimming zones.

Zwemmen meren van l'eau d'heure
Foto: Maarten Huisman | Photographer: Maarten Huisman @ Studio Nelson | Copyright: Studio Nelson © 2019

The natural swimming zones can be found at the Falemprise and Plate Taille lakes; the latter has its very own beach. Enjoy a refreshing dip with both friends and family between the months of June and September. To find out whether the natural swimming zones are open, simply check which flag is on display. Is it green? Then you’re good to go!

The above activities are, of course, also open during the high season; however, you must book in advance.

Can I go for walks in the area?

There are ten different trails dotted around the Eau d’Heure lakes, each with their own level of difficulty, totalling around 100 kilometres. Feeling up to the challenge? All trails are well signposted and colour-coded. Details for each trail can be found in the PDF.

Wandelen rond Lacs de L'eau D'heure

Are you allowed to take your dog to the Eau d’Heure Lakes?

Of course! Your dog is more than welcome to join you while exploring the trails, as long as they’re on the leash. Naturally, make sure to be respectful of your surroundings and other walkers. This means every poop must be bagged up.

Wandelen met de hond Lac de L'eau D'heure

Want to go swimming with your canine friend? Then take them down to the dog-friendly Ry Jaune Lake! All other swimming areas are off limits.

Where to stay?

Want to combine several activities or top your fun day off with an overnight stay? Discover all kinds of cosy holiday homes, each with outstanding views over the Eau d’Heure lakes. Are you in a group of 4 to 10 people? There’s something for everyone!

Four-person holiday homes, ideal for families

Vakantiehuis Lac de L'eau d'Heure
Photographer: Alex Bux

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Six-person holiday homes for friends and family

Vakantiehuis Lac de L'eau d'Heure
Photographer: Alex Bux

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Eight-person holiday homes for friends and family

Vakantiehuis Lac de L'eau d'Heure
Photographer: Alex Bux

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