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a core value at Ardennes-Etape.
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The moment Ardennes-Etape was founded, it chose to settle in a natural setting, the border of the High Fens and the Ardennes above the city of Stavelot, in the Belgian province of Liège.
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How can I be sure to have chosen the perfect holiday home for my vacation in the Belgian Ardennes?

The Ardennes-Etape team follows a very strict selection procedure for all holiday homes shown on the website. Quality is being examined all year through. Previous holiday-makers’ reviews assist you in making the best decision.

Can I trust the reviews on the Ardennes-Etape website to be reliable?

Ardennes-Etape was founded in 2001. Since then the holiday-makers’ satisfaction surveys have played a key role in our pledge for quality.
The oldest reviews date from June 2012. Before this date, we were not authorised to publish the opinions of our customers. This has changed in June 2012.
For obvious reasons only these reviews from holiday-makers who have stayed in one of the Ardennes-Etape holiday homes will be published.

What are the criteria for a review to be published on our website?

  • Respect


    Only courteously formulated comments will be shown on our website. Racist, discriminatory or offensive remarks will be kept off of our website. Likewise, no information that could undermine the integrity of the persons can be published.
    Reviews following a stay during which the general conditions and/or the household rules have been violated will be rejected.
    Cases of blatant dishonesty will also be rejected.


    Ardennes-Etape reserves the right not to publish a non-relevant review such as:

    • Guests' comments that are not supported by evidence,
    • A satisfaction survey completed before processing a claim,
    • A satisfaction survey used to communicate issues other than the evaluation of the stay.

    Right of reply

    The Ardennes-Etape team reserves the right of reply to all opinions and comments, positive as well as negative. In case a problem arises, we will communicate on our website the steps we take to find a satisfactory solution. Negative opinions will not be kept from our website. On the other hand we will do the absolute maximum in order for our holiday-makers to have nothing but great experiences to share.

    Privacy Policy.

    In accordance with the guidelines to preserve the privacy of each individual, Ardennes-Etape collects only this information necessary to improve the service to its customers. In no case will Ardennes-Etape provide this information to a third party. Read all about Ardennes-Etape’s privacy policy.

    When you give your opinion on your stay in one of the Ardennes-Etape holiday homes, your review will appear as follows:

    Commenters can choose to keep their review anonymous. In that case the review appears as follows:

    At any moment you can contact Ardennes-Etape for your review to be deleted from the website.

    The personal details of the owner of the holiday house (Name, tel number, e-mail address, internet site) or of the manager of the house cannot be mentioned.

    Brand use:.

    To guarantee the law enforcement as regards brand competition, no registered trademark, trademark, company name, URL can be displayed, apart from the brand name Ardennes-Etape.

  • Authenticity


    Comments and reviews are published in chronological order, in accordance with the date of the vacation, and not with the date the comment is sent to us. A reasonable delay for publication is respected (about 5 working days). This gives us the chance to check if the guidelines for publication are respected.


    Only those who have effectively spent their vacation in an Ardennes-Etape holiday home will be given the opportunity to provide their good advice. Obviously the review can only deal with the holiday cottage in which the customer spent his vacation.

  • Independence

    Absolutely required to establish a relationship based on trust is independence. Only then the reliability of the reviews can be guaranteed.

    Ardennes-Etape pledges to publish all reviews, negative as well as positive. As already said, in case a problem arises, we will communicate on our website the steps we undertake to achieve a satisfactory solution. If necessary, Ardennes-Etape will play its role as mediator between holiday-makers and holiday home owners.

    It is determined by contract with the holiday home owners that Ardennes-Etape will not intervene in the content of holiday-makers’ reviews. Ardennes-Etape will only verify if the content is in accordance with the guidelines for publication.

Do you have any questions regarding our online reviews? Contact us!

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by Ardennes-Etape.
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New owners

Ardennes-Etape is a Belgian company which provides owners of holiday homes with a unique portal to manage their rentals.
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