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What is the difference between fixed charges and those that vary according to consumption?

Flat-rate charges are calculated at a fixed rate, their amount is therefore determined in advance. Charges according to consumption depend on your consumption and are noted at the end of your stay.

Fixed charges 

The amount of the flat-rate charges is fixed per length of stay. It is calculated at a fixed price and it’s therefore known in advance. This is why these charges are payable with your invoice. Some owners, however, prefer to have these charges payed directly on site. In either case, your invoice clearly indicates whether the fixed charges are to be paid with your invoice or on site, in cash.

Charges according to consumption

The charge amount is calculated at the end of the stay, according to your actual consumption. This is why they are payable on site, in cash, directly to the owner.

However, in order to allow you to plan your budget and anticipate the amount to be payed, we give you an indicative and non-contractual estimate, based on the consumption of holidaymakers who have stayed in the holiday home during a similar period. You can find this estimate in the price details during the booking process, which is preceded by a *.


Here are some ideas to moderate your consumption and control the cost of your charges:  

  •  close doors and windows when it is cold as well as when it is too hot (remember to close the shutters also), in order to maintain a pleasant temperature without having to heat or cool too much ;
  • use the thermostat;
  • cover the pool;
  •  turn off the lights when you leave a room;
  •  switch off energy-consuming devices when you are not using them (sauna, oven, jacuzzi).

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