Discover the Geul Valley, in the heart of the Pays de Herve. Created by Natagora, it features unique landscapes on more than 49 hectares!


Gueule Valley Reserve

Created in 2003 by the organization Natagora, the Gueule Valley Reserve features a unique diversity of landscapes in an area covering 49 hectares. The Geul, a small river that runs along the east of the Pays de Herve, sometimes crosses intensively used meadows and sometimes forests and hayfields, sheltering rare plant species. Following numerous geological successions, the valley now hosts a wide variety of habitats and species to discover!

The reserve also holds one of the last remaining natural calaminary sites in Wallonia. Its soil, rich in heavy metals, is home to a unique type of vegetation that includes these five plants: the Westphalian fescue, the heartsease, the Alpine pennycress, the bladder campion and the sea pink plant.

Despite the many projects already carried out, some sites remain under threat everywhere in Wallonia. Support Natagora's actions in creating new nature reserves by making a donation!

Copyright pictures: Damien Sevrin, Eric Leprince