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Abbaye de Floreffe

Thanks to a history that goes back up to 850 years in time, the Floreffe Abbey is an excellent destination for a cultural outing in the Belgian Ardennes. Tweak your knowledge of architecture and history from the Middle Ages. Treat yourself by tasting an artisanal beer or by discovering local products. 


Floreffe Abbey

The 850-year-old Floreffe Abbey is home to many historical, architectural and artistic treasures. Some of these objects date back from the 12th century and have been witness to the history of this building and the Floreffe area in general.

The cellars with their enormous pillars, the meeting rooms, the library with the amazing painted ceilings and the old refectory provide insight in the life on the old Floreffe Abbey throughout the late Middle Ages.

Then there’s the Abbey Church. This neoclassical building with its extraordinary baroque interior is almost a hundred metres long and has been substantially adjusted in the 18th century.


A visit to the mill, also brewery, is rewarded with the best Walloon locally produced foods. Try the most delicious breads, cheeses, milk, pie,… The Assiette Floreffoise or Floreffe Plate contains a selection of these superb products and is served with a locally produced bee, a must for connoisseurs!

The various halls and rooms on the Floreffe Abbeye Domain are also for rent for business seminars, meetings and receptions.

The Floreffe Abbey is just one of the many curiosities in this part of the Belgian Ardennes. The Floreffe Caves are also worth a visit. Get to know the most beautiful spots in the region and book an Ardennes-Etape holiday cottage.

Keep the Ardennes clean, don’t litter during your stay in the region.

Copyright pictures : Ardennes-Etape - Werner Daemen