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Caterers in the Ardennes

We have selected the best caterers from the Ardennes for you. These partners have been chosen not only according to the quality of their products and their cooking, but also because of their professionalism and their service. Our catering partners have been tested and approved by Ardennes-Etape’s customers.

Make your choice and contact one of these providers personally, who will send you a customized offer according to your taste and catering budget

<p>A-Z Barbecue & Gourmet</p> in

A-Z Barbecue & Gourmet


Delivery service of barbecue menus and raclette menus throughout the Ardennes. Delivery starting from 5 persons. The easiest and quickest way: no need to get groceries or to do the dishes!

Traiteur & Brasserie Le Temps libre in Province of Liège

Traiteur & Brasserie Le Temps libre [Province of Liège]

Brasserie, sandwiches & tea room as well as caterer services for all budgets. Excellent value for money. Fresh, seasonal produce is always used.

<p>Traiteur Aux Fruits de ma passion</p> in Stoumont

Traiteur Aux Fruits de ma passion


An enthusiastic caterer who offers fine food for all your events.

Also, a personal chef at home.

Traiteur Côté Cuisine in Malmedy

Traiteur Côté Cuisine [Malmedy]

Côté Cuisine is a restaurant, a lunch bar, a caterer and a delicatessen. Come and taste the chef Keith Moïse's refined, inventive food.

Traiteur et restaurant Val de la Cascade à Coo in Province of Liège

Traiteur et restaurant Val de la Cascade à Coo [Province of Liège]

This has been a restaurant and catering service for over 40 years. Here you will find a traditional recipe and local dishes. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Traiteur L'Atelier des Saveurs in Rochefort

Traiteur L'Atelier des Saveurs [Rochefort]

The L'Atelier des Saveurs caterer is our partner of choice in the Rochefort region. Simple, traditional food.

<p>Traiteur La Truite Gourmande</p> in Province du Liege

Traiteur La Truite Gourmande

[Province du Liege]

Brasserie restaurant. Traditional food. All produce is home-made.

<p>Traiteur Les Cours</p> in Herve

Traiteur Les Cours


A professional caterer with many references and satisfied customers.

Traiteur LS Lunch in Bastogne

Traiteur LS Lunch [Bastogne]

Laurent Sanders has been a professional caterer for more than 8 years now. Orders for groups 15+ people only.

Traiteur Meyer in Malmedy

Traiteur Meyer [Malmedy]

Traditional family food where good produce go into making good meals. Simplicity and conviviality since 1998.

Traiteur Party-Service Schmidt in Büllingen - Province de Liège

Traiteur Party-Service Schmidt [Büllingen - Province de Liège]

The Schmidt caterer has been a family business with a passion for gastronomy for more than 15 years. A team of professionals provide you with a high quality service for your small or large events.

Traiteur Pierre Willems in Durbuy - Province du Luxembourg

Traiteur Pierre Willems [Durbuy - Province du Luxembourg]

A young, enthusiastic and particularly talented caterer who subtly blends flavours and colours. A guarantee of quality. A caterer that Ardennes-Etape is confident to recommend to you.

Traiteur Piront in Waimes

Traiteur Piront [Waimes]

Laurent Piront est un traiteur ardennais dont le savoir-faire n'est plus à démontrer ! Découvrez ses menus variés, traditionnels ou originaux, résolument tournés vers la modernité. Pour un repas réussi, entre finesse et surprise. Laissez-vous tenter !

Traiteur Saint-Martin in Vielsalm

Traiteur Saint-Martin [Vielsalm]

A couple devoted to the Ardennes region who will show you the local flavours. Harmonious, varied food in keeping with the seasons. Very good value for money.

Traiteur Viva Cook in Stoumont

Traiteur Viva Cook [Stoumont]

Catering and food workshop organisation. Local simple food.