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The village of Redu, one of the smallest in the Belgian Ardennes, is paradise for book, enthusiasts. Come browse through the second hand book stores and explore this adorable little town. Redu is surrounded by the beautiful nature of the province of Luxembourg and thus perfect for a great hike. Additionally, two charming places in the Belgian Ardennes, Rochefort and Han-sur-Lesse, are just a half an hour's drive away.

Redu – Village du Livre

It has about 500 inhabitants, the little village of Redu. But every year thousands and thousands of tourists, curious minds and book lovers visit this adorable village in the province of Luxembourg in the Belgian Ardennes.

It started back in 1979, when Noël Anselot came back from a visit to Hay-on-Wye, a little place in Wales. He witnessed how everything in this village was dedicated to the passion for books and he decided to start a similar project in Redu.

After elaborate deliberation and many dozens of letters to book traders and enthusiasts, the very first Redu Book Festival (Fête du Livre) took place during the Easter weekend of 1984. It was an astonishing success, which made many bookstore owners, traders and craftsmen settle in this little Belgian Ardennes village. Since then, it honourably carries its name “Book Town Redu” or “Redu, Village du Livre.”

The Redu Book Festival is held every year during the Easter weekend and attracts more visitors each time.

The book stores in Redu moved into the original buildings – houses, barns, sheds – to preserve the authenticity of the village. Each August you can enjoy the Night of the Book: shops are open all night, artists and street performers bring an extraordinary ambiance to the village.

Librairie Ardennaise
Have a look around in this second hand bookstore. There is a lot of material on world history and religion. There is a museum with old printing machinery.

La Gourmandine
For a snack or a drink you are more than welcome at La Gourmandine. A large terrace is the perfect place to enjoy the afternoon sun and a Belgian beer.

Pick your own raspberries and try out the most delicious traditional products.

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