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Ferme des Sanglochons

This old Ardennes farm was built around 1850 and renovated at the end of the 20th century. Delicious Ardennes ham from the 'sanglochon' (a hybrid between a wild boar and a normal pig) is being produced on the domain. Salted, smoked or dried... In the restaurant there is, of course, special emphasis put on locally produced foods.  

Ferme des Sanglochons in Verlaine

Feel like having a large assiette Ardennaise or a typical Ardennes platter? The Belgian Ardennes are famous for its delicious Ardennes ham or, in French, the Jambon d’ardenne.

At the Ferme des Sanglochons (the Sanglochons Farm) in Verlaine near Neufchâteau in the Belgian province of Luxembourg, visitors get a view on the artisanal production process of the typical Ardennes ham.

A sanglochon is a hybrid between a male wild boar and a female pig or sow. The word is a contraction of sanglier (wild board) and cochon (pig). An alternative name is the cochonglier.

The Ferme des Sanglochon is worth a visit if you are in the Neufchâteau area. A museum is dedicated to the three methods of food preservation: salting, smoking and drying. The restaurant offers the most delicious foods, with – obviously – special attention for local products.

Meats are available for sale in the shop and you are more than welcome in the restaurant for an excellent meal.

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