The Emmels reserve, in the heart of the commune of Amblève in the province of Liège, covers 60 ha of preserved Ardennes valley. It is an important place in the Ardennes as it is a real refuge for the birds of the meadows. A must see!


The Emmels reserve

Located in the heart of Amblève, in the Ardennes, the Emmels reserve covers more than 60 hectares that are entirely preserved.

This reserve is important for our region for three main reasons:

- The ground forms a natural sponge that is useful to prevent flooding upstream. Moreover, the Netherlands supports this reserve to prevent floods in their flat country.

- It is home to an incomparable biodiversity. It is an ideal green area for meadow birds.

- Finally, highland cows benefit from the abundant vegetation. Another plus!

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Copyright fotos: Xavier Janssens, Benjamin Legrain