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Paintball Experience

In Sorinnes on the hights of Dinant, you will find Paintball Experience where you can enjoy a paintball session in the open or in a covered space.



Paintball Experience

Two extraordinary terrains await you near Dinant in the Ardennes.

Surrounded by a natureal setting, go and jump in an old sand squarry or bunker for tons of  fun and movement.

A dynamic and professionall team welcomes you and allows you to discover a variety of scenarios that can be played (flag, president, chronometre).

For a few hours, get in the shoes of a sniper!

This experience will give you an indispendable adrenaline rush during your Ardennes-Etape stay!

Paintball Experience is an activity that is being managed by the events organisation EXTRASens.

Copyright Photos - Extrasens sprl et Samuel Vassaux

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