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Autrucherie Pont d'Amour

In the Pont d'Amour Ostrich Farm in Dinant you get to know all about these enormous birds. In the beautiful Ardennes scenery the owners breed not only ostriches, but also emus, rhea and the extraordinary cassowary.


Ostrich Farm Pont d’Amour

The biggest birds in the world, you can find them in the Belgian Ardennes!

Close to Dinant, in the Belgian province of Namur, one of the most peaceful places in the country, you can visit the Ostrich Farm Pont d’Amour. The owners of the farm, ‘autrucherie’ in French, focus a 100 per cent on sustainable and healthy breeding of ostriches in an equally healthy environment.

This 120.000 m² domain is located on the hills next to the valley of the river Meuse. Emus, cassowaries and the greater rhea are also bred on the Pont d’Amour site.

Autrucherie Pont d’Amour welcomes all generations for a visit. The guides adjust the information according to the age of the visitors, to make sure they get to know all about these extraordinary animals and the breeding process. After the visit you will know all about these impressive walking birds.

The Ostrich Farm Pont d’Amour is one of those typical companies who still respect traditional methods, just like the Brewery du Bocq in Purnode. Visit all these extraordinary places and take advantage of the opportunity to spend more time in the beautiful Belgian Ardennes and book a holiday home with Ardennes-Etape.

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