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VTT Spa is one of the many bicycle rental places in the Ardennes. Feel like exploring the Spa region by bike? VTT Spa surely has something to offer you, even electrical bicycles.



VTTSPA.be is the specialist in mountain bike rental.

Take off to explore the region of Spa and the Belgian Ardennes like you have never seen them before. Olivier Marquette is a former MTB professional. He therefore pledges to offer every one of his clients high-quality and always clean material.

On request you’ll ride accompanied by a professional guide who will show you the most beautiful spots in the region (single track, off road,...). The itinerary will completely be adapted to your skill level. Price includes helmet, water bottle, repair kit, map and the advice of a professional.

New: nordic walking

VTTSpa.be proposes nordic walking, it's hiking with sticks, in order to activate all muscles of the human body while getting to know the astonishing natural environment. €12/person, minimum 8 persons.

Enjoy the beauty of the landscapes of the Ardennes and book your holiday home with Ardennes-Etape!