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Bubblezone Soccer

Bubblezone Soccer offers an original activity for all ages in the Ardennes. Two teams compete in a soccer game, but each player moves around while being in a bubble, which makes moving a whole lot more difficult! Definitely hilarious!


Bubblezone Soccer

Each player glides in his bubble in order to be ready to play. Just like in soccer, the two teams try to score. During the battle for the ball, the bubbles move in order to get the opponent offside. The bubbles serve as airbags as well in case someone falls. Sometimes, the players roll on top of each other which can be a lot of fun, not only to experience but to watch as well!

The bubbles come in 3 sizes : 1,2m/1,5m/1,8m

If you want to play, Bubblezone puts a large inflatable arena of 20 on 10m, that can also be provided with a slippery soaped in floor (additional fee) which makes the game a whole lot harder but funnier as well.

A referee can be put to your disposal as well (additional fee) that can guide you through the game.